Monday, 5 August 2013

Be Somebody

Before I start this, bare in mind, in life there are two types of folk.  Folk that are straight to the point, and those that waffle on long after the audience become suicidal.  I'm the latter.  So unless you've got a few minutes of your life to throw away, I'd suggest not reading.  If you're still reading now, then nice one, you're just as bored as I.

Anyway, recently, I've been completed a few things in my life that've made me reconsider my future.  I've had a few TV bits and bobs which have been nice, and I've finally started to get my Hipster song written & recorded after a years messing about.  I've collaborated with fellow YouTube Chip n'all, which is something I've always fancied a pop at.  So it's all going smoothly in the JaackMaate world, I even won £5,000 the other week, but that's neither here nor there.

I guess I'm kind of writing this blog to have a free moan - in a way.  A moan at those who lack drive and determination.  Now, I'm a lazy cunt at the best of times, and I ain't gunna' sit up on any high horse and pretend I strive to do my best 24/7, because 23/6 I'm usually watching porn or getting Mushroom's tattooed onto my leg.  However, I am going to have a little pop at some of the idiots from my home city of Norwich.  I keep seeing these two-bob-job 'rap artists' who 'spit bars' in their bedroom and claim to be the 'next big thing'.  Now, unless the 'next big thing' is selling ketamine to school-kids round the back of a Shell garage, then I can't see their words materialising much further.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all up for 'starting at the bottom', and all that shit.  I mean, I didn't get my 114,228 subscribers (not that I'm counting) overnight.  I had to earn them with constant material over the past two years.  I also ain't disregarding the kids ambition to make rap, and speak their soul in these webcam recordings, that's all well and good, if you're into that kind of shit.  But it's these pricks, who constantly blame their lack of success / effort on their upbringing.  I understand some of 'em might of had a proper shit Mum, or a Dad who preferred a bottle of White Lightening to a trip to White Heart Lane.  But nonetheless, isn't that more of a reason to not be a fucking waster?  In constantly moaning about their parents shit attitude to life, they're ironically living life with the same I-don't-give-a-fuck attitude.  That's never a winner.

Imagine if 2Pac didn't bother because his Mum made him walk home from school? 

I reckon' all these kids who want to become something - not just rappers.  Comedians, painters, fucking brickies... anything, would become what they want to be, if they just stopped blaming their standstill life on other shit.  "Where I come from" - is another excuse.  A lot of lads around Norwich moan about the city.  The city is the reason they'll never do well in life.  FUCK. OFF.  Norwich is a hub of musical energy.  The amount of colleges and schools that specify in music alone is huge.  The amount of local pubs, clubs, bars and open-mic venues can't be counted on your fingers and toes.  Norwich is huge for talent.  Look at Jake Humphreys, Greg James, Stephen Fry, and even ol' Delia.  They're earning a few pennies.

You've only got to have a look at my cousin Frankie (Franko Fraize), he's from a little town outside of Norwich called Thetford.  Famously regarded as a shit-hole by everyone bar those that live their.  Alright, the place itself might not be Vegas, but the close-knit Thetford community is something to be admired.  They don't have a quarter of the resources that a big city like Norwich has, but they get on with it.  Franko's getting his music out, and on the telly / radio.  Despite working a 9-to-5, his remaining hours go into his two little'uns, his other half, and his music.  How life should be.  After speaking to him a few times recently, it's apparent how proud he is of his family, and his hometown.  He never slags it off, or blames the fact he ain't got a double-platinum album on it.  He embraces it, and is doing the opposite - putting Thetford on the map.  So when these little dickheads around me, post their 'rap bars' and blame their idle lifestyle on everything bar the fact they're just lazy cunts - I get a bit irate.

I guess as cliche as it sounds - but anyone can literally be someone.  Just as long as you're not a proper nobhead.
So yeah, stop reading this now, and go do something you love.
Because if you "find a job you love, you'll never have to work a day in your life". - Confucius. 

- Jaack.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

What Is JacksCamera?

OK.  Another blog post time... sigh.
What is JacksCamera?

As many of you know, and many more you probably don't know, I run a second channel other than my main JaackMaate channel on YouTube.  Entitled JacksCamera.  
I have been upload fairly regularly to this "side-project" for nearly three years now, and I love it.
It's basically a series of video diaries, showcasing the different things I get up to in life, and my daily routines, the friends I meet, the girlfriends I have, etc, etc.

I love this channel, it's my life, on screen.

However, recently, I've been receiving comments on these daily videos informing me that these videos are "boring" or "dull".  And you know?  They are.  A lot of the time, I'm doing exciting stuff like going to music festivals, or being on Channel 4 and making a video diary of my entire day.
Other times, I'm sitting in my bedroom, talking to a camera about cats, or strawberries, or dead fish.
That's because, sometimes in life, things get a bit slow, a bit boring, and I don't see why I should just capture - the good stuff - so to speak.

And you know who I am, right?  A YouTuber who LOVES to entertain, and make people laugh!  
I really do, I get a thrill from receiving comments saying I've made your day, and that you love to watch me rant about stuff, it's brilliant, and I go a bit warm, and fuzzy, like a cat in the oven.
However... these second channel videos, I am sorry to say... but...

I do not care, if you find them boring, in the slightest.

Now obviously, I'd love for you to watch my daily vlogs too, and enjoy them.
But a minority of you need to understand that I do not care about views, subscribers, or even comments, on the second channel, and that JacksCamera is JUST ABOUT ME.
It's something I can upload to, freely, without putting effort into, unlike JaackMaate.
I work hard on JaackMaate making good content that 65,000+ subscribers might enjoy.
JacksCamera is a video DIARY, for ME, and my FRIENDS.
It's something to show my future wife, and kids, as they grow up and wonder what "Dad" got up to when he was a loser 19 year old with a camera.

Imagine that, if you could watch your parents life before you existed?  
See what they got up to, daily.
See their old friends, their old teachers, their old jobs...
It'd be crazy huh?

So I am going to continue uploading to JacksCamera for years to come, and occasionally, I'll post links to the videos on Twitter and Facebook for people to watch, if they'd like too.
But bear in mind, I really, don't care if you enjoy those videos.
They're for me.

However, enjoy JaackMaate, that's all for you.

Thank you.

Monday, 8 October 2012

YouTube Offense.

I'm JaackMaate.  I'm known on "YouTube" for being the naughty boy, the "rebel", the one not afraid to speak his mind.  I'm no pretty faced English teenager like the majority of popular YouTubers (who I think are brilliant, by the way), I'm just a guy with braces who shouts at a camera, in a vain attempt at making you laugh... right?

Now, yesterday (07/10/2012) I uploaded a video entitled "PS3 vs XBOX" which was basically a five minute rant at gamers, and geeks.  (I did however, quote the fact I am a nerd also).
This video has currently received over 500 dislikes, which I find fucking hilarious, it amuses me.  Because, although YouTube is my job, and good feedback is always overwhelming, as you know full-well, I am not the type to give a shit if you don't enjoy a video.  Obviously, again, I'd rather you did though.

Now, bare in mind, my channel isn't MEANT to offend, but we're both aware it will.  I speak about stuff that most YouTubers wouldn't dream of, and I pride myself on being out-there.      But one thing that really, really, gets on my fucking nerves, is when people tell me that my video offended them?  So fucking what?  In the famous words of Ricky Gervais "Telling somebody that their work offended you is like calling up the small-ads and claiming - I DON'T WANT PIANO LESSONS!"
Ignore it, move on, life goes on, nobody gives a shit about wether or not you found a video offensive or not, you're a cunt.

Being offended is subjective.  You choose to be offended.  There is not a list of rules in your brain that trigger an offence mechanism, you hear something, then you decide if it's offended you or not.  Why let it offend you?  If I'm making a joke about poverty, sure, it's harsh, starving children are dying, but do you have the power to change this, or in-fact, change my joke?  Nope.  There is no rule-book of what is offensive, and what's not, it's SUBJECTIVE.  So, as people choose what offends them, surely, that opens the door to any possibility.  I could say that chocolate ice-cream offends me.  I could say that One Direction offend me.  I could say that people who read my blogs offend me. I could LITERALLY claim anything to be offensive, if I chose to be a class A prick.  Correct?

So when you watch my videos, you must be aware that I "can offend", the same as anyone "can offend".  But due to my touchy subject, I'm probably more likely to persuade you that I'm "offensive".  And I respect your right to have an opinion, but please, don't believe it's your right, to have your opinion respected.  It's not.  Everybody has different opinions, and what offends you, may not offend others.  So if you do often get offended, please unsubscribe from my YouTube channel, unfollow me on Twitter, and get on with your lives.  If you like to laugh at everything, and don't take life too seriously, then I'm fucking thrilled you're joining me on this internet journey.

It's brilliant to laugh at life, because as I've said before, if you don't laugh at life, life will almost certainly laugh at you.
Take care, I do in fact love the majority of my audience, lots of love, the ginger, lisp-ridden, brace-faced, lanky piece of dirt.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

JaackMaate is changing


Now, if you're an avid viewer of my channel on YouTube, this blog might interest you quite a bit, I'm just going to be discussing some changes, that are coming in the not-so-distant future to JaackMaate.  Some changes that you might hate, some that you might love, but none the less, changes that a think the majority of you will appreciate, now, let me continue...

So, somebody asked me a few weeks ago "Jack, why do you have an angel tattooed on your arm despite being a devote Atheist?" and in all honesty, my response was quick, but my afterthought was not.  The reason I have this angel inked permanently onto my skin is in memory of my late great Nan, who passed away four years ago due to cancer of the throat.  And yes, despite the angel being known world-wide as a symbol tightly connected with the Christian faith, I still insisted on having it done.  It's a fucking image, it can mean whatever the reader wants it to mean.  Is a cross the cross that "Jesus died on" or is it simply a line with a smaller line threaded across it?  Is an egg, an egg?  Or is it a symbol of rebirth which ties into the reincarnation of his truly, Mr. Jesus?  To me, it's the produce of a fucking chicken rather than a metaphor of our "saviour".

Anyway, I'm almost missing the point of this blog here.  After I sat down and had reminisced the times I shared with my Nan, I came to that cliche that so many of us come to at some point in our lives.  The cliche that despite being the longest possible thing a human can do, life... is still immensely short, and every single day, our life is ending.  Just by reading this blog, you've probably spent 5 minutes of your life here, that's 5 minutes you could spent doing almost ANYTHING else.  Corr, that's depressing is it?  Well, with all that said, I've decided to make a change.  Starting right here, right now.  I plan over the next year, or two, or five (I've not decided yet), to create a brand new series on JaackMaate (WOAH? NO MORE RANTS?) - don't worry there will be rants, as usual, and as frequent.  However, as I was saying, this is the unofficial start to a brand new series I am bringing to YouTube.

Now this series doesn't have a name, or a plan, or a sinister underlying motive to gain views, because in all honesty, I get enough of those as it is.  This series, will be uploaded whenever I want, I might upload two in the space of a month, or I might just upload three in the space of a year, there is literally no time schedule to when I will be uploading.  But what are these videos?  I hear you scream at your computer... well.  I've been watching a lot of @BriBryOnTour videos on YouTube recently, and for any of you that haven't heard about what he does, basically, in a nutshell, he's ticking off his bucket-list, in video format, one-by-one.  Am I totally ripping off his idea?  Yes.  Yes I am.  But he's Bri, and I'm Jack, we're different people, leading different lives.
He's not just given me the motive to go out and do the things I've always wanted to do, he's given me the INSPIRATION to do this, and I'm sure, he'll be more than happy to see me create similar videos to his.  Let me explain a tiny bit more, for those still unsure...

The Bucket List.  Great film, great actors, if you haven't seen it.  See it.  Basically, this series, will be my bucket list.  Every so often, I will go out and do something that pushes me to the extreme, that challenges my body and my mind.  Something that very few people have the chance, or the drive to do.  It's a list of THINGS TO DO BEFORE I DIE.  And I thought, if I'm going to go and live my life, and push myself, why not have a fucking audience, right?
So I hope you'll understand that I will be mixing my videos up quite a lot, but as I previously said, I WILL still be continuing with my cheeky little rants, and they will still be as often.  So if you're a fan of those, you have nothing to worry about.

Finally, I'm open to your suggestions on what I can call this series, and what I can complete, I will be compiling a list of 100 things I want to do before I die, but this list will be forever changing, and forever expanding, so feel free to have your input.

Thanks again for reading, watching, and being part of my life.
Without you guys, I wouldn't have the amazing job that I currently do, which is simply - making content for you.  I adore everybody that supports me, you've almost so-nearly, given me a career.  I hope you enjoy this change.

Much love to all of you (and especially BriBry).
Rest in peace Nanny Dean.
Take Care.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Dark Knight Rises Review

The Dark Knight Rises Review.
by Jack Dean.

So, you're probably expecting that I'll be so far up Christopher Nolan's arse during this review that I'll be able to taste his prostate?  You'd be correct.  Also, you might be expecting a conventional review with all the correct film termonology jargon, well, not entirely, I talk a lot of shit too.
However, I will attempt to let you know just how brilliant this film was in as fewer words as I see fit.  Oh, and don't worry, there's no spoilers.

OK, did the film have it's flaws?  Not really.  My only fault would be that in the opening half hour, I felt the pace to be a little slow, and certain scenes perhaps a bit rushed. Especially during a stand-off between Gotham's police and Batman in which Batman endures no struggle, and gets away with ease, which came as an early anti-climax.   But once Nolan put his foot down, my God, did the film became a specular. 

The film opens with a brilliantly tense plane scene, which has nothing but incredibly witty dialogue and introduces a certain someone villain on par, or perhaps better than when we first set eyes on The Joker back in 2008.  Once the film gets going, everything is perfect.  Every scene is needed, and despite being 2 hours and 45 minutes long, I never felt like I wanted the film to wrap-up.  The usual Nolan techniques of bending film convention were intact, and no end was left loose when the film concluded.  Many expected a reference (however small) to that of The Joker, especially during the cities downfall, whilst in the hands of Bane. Which never came. Although this may disappoint the most hardened film critic, I feel it was a clever move by the director to leave what is an iconic performance by Heath Ledger to live forever in the film history books.

Now, the cast?  Were they as expected?  Yep.  Were they anything more?  Oh yes.  Spot on.  Everyone was nothing but perfect, and despite how much I personally dislike Christian Bale, of course, my palms were sweating for him through-out.  Despite still having that fucking annoying "bat-voice", Bale was obviously, pretty decent, as always.  The audience are sucked into the film almost unknowingly, and fall in love with practically everybody.  Anne Hathaway was again, beautiful as Catwoman, with a fantastic script, excellently performed.  Despite being a total bitch as usual, her witty quotes and cocky arrogance meant I couldn't help but love her - oh, and the skin-tight leather catsuit helped too, of course.  Michael Caine of course was nothing but charming.  His Cockney accent and wise words meant he was the same loveable Alfred that we have seen in the prequels.  Although this was hands-down, his best Batman performance to date with a slightly bigger part to play than usual.

My two stand out performances?  Tom Hardy as Bane.  I can't help but feel the script had a lot to do with this though, as Bane undoubtably has the best lines, and easily - the best role, as villains always do.  You could write a book with the amount of eerily yet fantastic lines Bane comes out with, including possibly the most notorious "I'm Gotham's Reckoning".
Although CGI was used to enhance Hardy's build, he portrayed, the psychotic mastermind slot with no faults.  You couldn't help but love his role, despite Bane being a total cunt.  Very reminiscent of a certain Mr. Ledger.  But who takes gold for me?
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Officer Blake.  His usual charm was intact, but who knew he could play hero too?  Fantastic performance which is on par with his duty in Inception.

In all, this film was nothing but a masterpiece in which I will be seeing for the third time very shortly.  I could delve further into it much deeper than a Chilean Miner. But we've both been here a bit too long now, haven't we?  Some people are saying this film is the best film of 2012.  I'd say it's the best film this side of 2012.  Congratulations Chris Nolan, you God amongst men.
The Dark Knight Rises, 10/10.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Top 9 Films of 2012!

Jack's Top 9 Films Of 2012

So, as a massive movie geek, I've been to see quite a few Hollywood (and not-so-hHllywood)blockbusters this year, and obviously, as with anything in life, some managed to give me an erection, and others made me want to stab kittens.
Here's my top 8 films of 2012, with some extra mumbo-jumbo at the bottom.


Hmmm, as clichè as this sounds, not my cup of tea.
I expected so much from a film that looked so promising in the trailer, but once in the cinema, it took me five minutes to realise it was one of those films, that was the trailer. 
OK, DeHaan played a brilliant role in Andrew, and the cast
(who were relatively fresh on the scene) did their best to pull it off.  The CGI was crazy-good, but the plot had so many loop holes, and such a predictable ending that I felt like I'd been stood up.  Like going to a football match with my Dad, but instead, he left turns into Burger King.  If you enjoyed 2012,
or that movie with the really shaky camera-guy, you might like this.  I didn't.


Did I think this film would be hilarious?  Yes, of course, anything produced with a little helping hand from Todd Phillips was bound to be good?  It wasn't.  The jokes were weak, the cast were O.K, and the plot was so thin.  I felt like I was watching a random house party take place for an hour and a half, and as good as that sounds, when you're not actually there, it's boring.
Sure, I wanted the film to break boundaries, and become as far fetched as possible, and when it did, it got laughs, but a bunch of geeks becoming popular overnight by throwing a party isn't the most original storyline.  I wouldn't want to sit through this again.


A simple case of expected nothing - got something.  Jonah Hill
brought his usual nerdy charm to the film, and the kids?
Well, they were just brilliant.  Max Records
(that charming little'un from Where The Wild Things Are)
played a teen scared of his own sexuality, and was nothing but
hilariously perfect.  Believable cast, and enjoyable film.


Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum working together?
These two single-handedly made this film a winner.  Blowing Jonah Hill's previous comedy The Sitter out of the water for 2012.
From a guy that had recently watched Channing Tatum play a cheesy lover in The Vow with Rachel McAdams, I was confused to why he'd been given this role.  But it's clear why now, he can do comedy like the best of 'em.  Brilliant pairing, brilliant scripting, decent storyline.  Good comedy from a rainy Friday night in.


Wow.  Bloody wow.  Amazing.  In fact, I'm actually stupid placing this forth in the list, it should definitely be higher, but I just have a good feeling about number 4.  Anyway, the cast, brilliant, OBVIOUSLY!  Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America, obviously they'll be brilliant.  Surprisingly, for me, Ruffalo was the stand-out star as Hulk, and I'm glad he's been signed to play him in further films.  The comedy element was very strong, as expected, and more so, the film just did well.  I don't even know what more to say except, it was like the perfect mix of characters, and mise-en-scene, to create a near-perfect super-hero film.


OK, controversial.  I've not yet seen this film, and placing it about the Avengers is risky, I know.  But here's the method to my madness.  The trailer is incredibly funny, actually laugh-out-loud funny, and it's written & directed by the king of comedy himself Seth McFarlane (creator of Family Guy).
Is this film going to flop, and not meet expectations?  NO.
I'm willing to bet my life on it.  And to those who are saying that all the jokes will be in the trailer, I disagree.  Imagine if we took all the season's of Family Guy and had to create a trailer?  There would be TONS of incredibly funny shit left out, and I'm far too excited to shed happy tears at this delight come August.


Imagine if Twilight appealed to all audiences?  Mhmm.  Of course, this film was centred around a romantic love-story between the two from District 13.  But did it put the male audience of?  Nope.  I for one, thought the storyline was incredible, so original, and just grasping.  I wanted to watch more even after the film ended.  Everything was so great, from Jennifer & Josh's lead role performances, to the brilliant plot-line, to the CGI, to even Woody's cameo.  You have to see this film, and in-fact, will probably have no choice, it's going to become massive.  Move over Harry Potter/ Twilight, Hunger Games are here.


WHAT?  Dark Knight Rises in NUMBER TWO?  Yeah.
Hopefully, I get proven wrong, but I don't think this will 
beat my love for The Amazing Spider-Man.  However, it has all the ingredients and more to do so.  Michael Caine, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levett, Anne Hatthaway, the list continues.  If that is not a cast for a number one hit, then I don't know what is?  Oh, I didn't mention Christian Bale, because I can't stand him.
We all know The Dark Knight was a film to beat all other films, but will this top it?  Or even match it?  I'm unsure.  I don't want to be bitterly disappointed, so I'm not firing my expectations at the roof just yet.  Two things I can't wait to see though.  One thing, Tom Hardy's performance as Bain, hopefully it'll be frighteningly brilliant as it's looking to be.  And number two thing, Nolan's risk-taking.  Obviously he could play this film incredibly safe and leave it open, or he could change the whole diversity of the Batman and flip it on it's head - and I for one, is hoping to see this risk.
C'mon Nolan, don't disappoint now.


You guys know how much I loved it.  I couldn't go to the cinema just once to see, I had to go a few times.  I am totally in love with how brilliant Andrew Garfield portrayed this new-age Peter Parker, and I can't help but actually fall in love with the incredibly cute Emma Stone.  Rhys iFans too, was so good, I don't even feel this blog can do it justice.  The script was pretty OK, but the special affects and everything else were so pitch perfect, I almost wanted to hide in the cinema and watch the very next showing.  I loved it, others didn't.  Sure, it was cheesy in bits (the crane bit in particular made me cringe slightly) and their were numerous goofs.  But I'm a spider-man geek, and always will be, if they keep making films this enjoyable.

Safe House.
(ft. Denzel Washington)

Hated it.  Too predictable.  The pace was all over the place, and apart from Denzel's safe performance, the whole thing lacked originality.  Failed to captivate me, and for the last ten minutes I found Twitter on my phone more interesting.  Oh, and the so-called "twist" at the end?  Anybody with half a brain-cell see's that coming a mile off.  I don't ever want to watch this again.  Who knows though, you might like it.  
(You probably won't though)

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Sayings about sayings.

I have a couple of things to say.

About things that people say.

I'm about to say them....

OK.  So after doing a 2 hour live show earlier, I earned myself a bit of money, and a headache.  So to treat the headache, I did what all 19 year old LADS do, I went and layed on the sofa, eating chocolate chip ice-cream and watching some shit on BBC3.         (Cherry Healey hosted it though, so it was alright.)
However, whilst delving into the very masculine dish of ice-cream and terrible telly, my phone died.  Mainly because it's a wackberry, and they always die.  
This meant two things.  One, I had no Twitter and no energy to go and put the phone on charge, and secondly, I started to actually watch Cherry Healey's dirty program on how to benefit our pointless existence.

Then I heard something, that quite frankly, dumb-founded me.  And yes, that is the first time I've ever used the phrase dumb-founded.  Basically this woman on my telly-box, was investigating how stress can cause early death, and all that bollocks.  And apparently, more people are suffering from deep stress than ever before.  So this is what Cherry said.
"For the first time, in 2011, sadly, more people had to quit their job because of stress, than because of cancer."
What.  The.  Fuck.
SADLY?  Fucking SADLY?  More people have quit work because they've been stressed than because they have cancer, is SADLY?
Now don't get me wrong, I'd hate to be so stressed that I couldn't make videos anymore, but honestly... I'd take that over cancer.  Who the fuck is sitting at home with severe stress issues thinking "Hmm, this is awful, I'd much rather have a tumour in my lungs".  Cherry, go through your scripts before you start spouting shit love.  I'd still give you one though.

Then Cherry began to interview some stupid fucking Essex bird, she had boobs bigger than Jeremy Clarkson's ego.  How long did it take this moron to spout something totally stupid?  I don't know, I didn't count, but it was pretty much instantly.
Here's what she said:
"I'm like marmite really, you love me, or you hate me".
- sigh -
I've always hated that fucking cliché, it grinds my fucking brain.  (Not gears, I am a human, I don't have clogs).
People like a lot of things which others don't, for instance, I hate cheese, a lot of people love it.  Why don't people say    "I'm like cheese, you either love me or you hate me?"  it makes just as much sense.
I suppose we'd draw the line at "I'm like child porn, you either love me, or you hate me?".
Unless you're in a Catholic church, in which, it's a brilliant analogy. 

Oh, and the last saying, I fucking hate.  Is when somebody says 
"There is nothing worse than - for example - toothache".
Yeah, toothache is pretty bad, but I'd probably guess that being raped by your Dad whilst he punched your baby sister in the face is probably worse than toothache.  Or the holocaust, that's a bit worse too.  So don't walk around all day saying stuff like "Uhhhhh, there's nothing worse than getting a spot!"
Try getting AIDS.

That's all.
I'm happy, aren't I?
There's nothing worse than being moody.